Air Quality Analyzers

The '500' series are the first instruments studied, developed and produced by PCF Elettronica since the very first years of life.

PCF has always been faithful to the gas chromatographic separation of the Methane fraction for the measurement of ambient air quality. In recent times, multi-way valves have been perfected to such an extent that they last for the life of the instrument and guarantee a quantitative separation of Methane with the possibility of visually checking efficiency. The first instruments, produced during the 90s of the last century, are still in operation and we guarantee their maintenance and spare parts.

To the basic model for the separation of NMH, devices have been added for the automatic and continuous separation of specific compounds such as ethylene and propylene oxides, formaldehyde, aromatics, and others depending on customer requests. The latest entry in our catalog is our alcohol analyzer. 

Our air analyzers