Mod. 529/NR/T

for the measurement of Total VOC in ambient air (immissions).

Simplified version, derived from the instrument for the measurement of NMH (Non-Methane HC), Mod. 529 / NR (NMH analyzer).

… / NR / T stays for New Release for Total VOCs. It is the series of tools developed with modern electronics, which allows easy reconfiguration, data storage and communication with the outside.

Main features:

  • Automatic and continuous measurement of the Total VOC.

  • FID (Flame Ionisation Detector) detector , made exclusively by PCF.

  • Carrier gas air. 
  • Discrete loop sampling .
  • 30 second cycle (can be modified on request, not less than 10 s).
  • Automatic ignition of the flame.
  • Safety valve on the hydrogen supply.
  • Integrated IZS, for the check and / or calibration of ZERO and SPAN.
  • SW user friendly.

  • Requires little maintenance.
  • Maintenance is easy because all parts are easily accessible.
  • 19" rack mount, 4U.