Visit the output of our Mod. 529/NR working at  our  laboratories in PCF factory ...


This Mod. 529 / NR works regularly continuously in our PCF laboratories. 

The small system consists of:

n.1 Mod. 529 / NR.

n.1 Mod. 9588, PCFUPP Air Generator.

n.1 Hydrogen Generator.

n.1 Lap top PC.

n.1 Switching valve on a line sucking the external ambient air and a line sucking laboratory air.

The small System reproduces what we call 'ELECTRONIC NOSE':

  • The internal line is the one that detects the concentration of reactive VOCs in a 'critical point'.
  • The outer line represents the concentration of reactive VOCs
  • In a reference 'environment'.

The small system is maintained (preventive maintenance done by a non-specialist technician) every month. Maintenance work is regularly logged.