Mod. 2005 (FID 9000 for Korea) was the most successful model in 2021 ...


Mod. 2005 (FID 9000 for Korea) was the most successful model in 2021. 

Our most successful distributor has been the South Korea.

PCF Elettronica Srl is basically a designer and manufacturer of GC-based instrumentation for environmental monitoring.
The Company has the component modules built externally then assembles them, tests them and calibrates them internally.
Lately the most successful instruments have been the portable ones (series 2000), especially for emissions monitoring applications.
Among these, the Mod. 2005 (FID 9000 in Korea), the portable hot FID instrument that measures the Total VOC, was the best-selling one in the last two years and in particular in 2021. These monitors are appreciated for their fundamental characteristics: ease of use, data interpretation, maintenance and robust construction with industrial modules.

Particularly on the South Korean market we mainly sell the Mod. 2005 (FID 900) with the following configuration:

N. 1 Sampling probe heated by the chimney fumes. Compliant with UNI EN 10263.

N. 1 Electrically heated sampling line.

N. 1 Mod. 2005 (FID 9000) in the basic configuration, 230 Vac 60 Hz.

N. 1 OPTION Hydrogen source mounted inside based on metal hydrides. 80 l STP, accumulated at low pressure: