The most successful monitoring systems, sold in 2020 - 2021 years ... 


The most successful monitoring systems, sold in the years of the COVID-19 pandemic, were those for the chimneys of small incinerators.

As anticipated in the general description, PCF Elettronica Srl in the 90s of the past century had also proposed itself for the sale of large air quality and emissions monitoring systems. With the expansion of the market, this specific sector has been gradually covered by large systems integrators, with greater technical, financial and commercial capabilities.

PCF Elettronica gradually specialized in basic instrumentation to be supplied to system integrators and in small systems for very special applications, where the big competitors were not particularly interested in entering.

During the years of the pandemic, we were successful in proposing single-rack and twin-rack emission systems, on which our and Siemens equipment were mounted.

We recall among these the system sold and installed fpor an incenerator in Rome, for which we have also won a maintenance contract.

The system consists of:

N. 1 Heated probe.

N. 1 Heated sampling line.

N.1 Dehumidifier for the monitors at room temperature.

N. 2 19 "inch racks on which we mounted:

- No. 1 Mod 110 H monitor.

- No. 1 SO2 analyzer, at room temperature.

- No. 1 NOx analyzer, at room temperature.

- No. 1 CO analyzer, at room temperature.

Two 19" racks are housed in painted metal cabinets to be installed outside (IP 54).

All signals are placed on the terminal block and connected to the control room.