L.E.L. (Lower Explosive Limit)


PCF proposes its solution for the automatic and continuous measurement of the LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) in industries that use organic substances at concentrations that can easily reach the Lower Explosivity Limit. For the safety of the plants and for the safety of the workers who work there, it is very important to continuously monitor the level of these substances in the plant and in the immediate surrounding. 

19" rack with all component parts of the LEL system mounted, in testing phase

One of the latest systems (made up of three 19 "rack units for different workstations) proposed by PCF is made up of: 

  1. N. 1 Continuous gas sampling system. 
  2. N. 1 Dehumidifier of the gases being analyzed. 
  3. N. 1 Automatic and continuous VOC analyzer, Mod. 110 H, with:                                           Hydrogen for FID from local Electrolytic Generator,                                                                   Zero Air for FID, from three selective filters. 
  4. N. 1 Data acquisition, processing and display system with:                                                       Remote connections placed on the rear terminal block,                                                       Pre-alarm thresholds freely settable in the measuring range. 
  5. N. 1 19 "Rack contained in a painted sheet metal cabinet and access doors front and rear