Control of Methane (CH4) levels in ambient air


A particular application of our Mod. 529/NR/S is represented by the measurement of small variations of Methane in not polluted environments.

Methane is not a pollutant (dangerous compound) in the proper sense of the term, i.e. a compound that can be harmful to humans and/or the natural environment in general. Methane is a product present in the atmosphere in medium-low concentrations (1.5 - 2.5 ppm) because it is produced by fermentation processes of organic materials, leaves, herbs, wood, etc.
Its control and measurement of even small variations in 'clean' environments can become interesting, because combined with other compounds it can participate in the problem of global warming as a greenhouse gas.

PCF Elettronica had the opportunity to participate in very specific research projects that aimed precisely at these goals. The main one of which was a study by the CNR with a high-altitude station, on the Plateau Rosa, near Cervinia (Val d'Aosta).

As already explained elsewhere on our site:

en-Mod. 529/NR/S

Mod. 529/NR, as an automatic gas chromatograph, has been conceived for the basic application of the measurement of reactive hydrocarbons (NMHC), but when necessary and upon request of the customer, it can be configured for the measurement of specific compounds, as in our case, for the measurement of methane only at low concentrations

For this measurement, a special gas chromatographic column of the Porapak series is inserted in Mod. 529/NR/CH4 and the analysis cycle, shortened, does not provide for a second injection for the measurement of the Total VOCs.
The measurement cycle is thus reduced to two minutes, instead of three minutes for the standard instrument, while not eliminating the short back-flush period to eliminate HC other than Methane from the column.

Our Mod. 529/NR instrument is particularly appreciated for its fundamental characteristic: simplicity of use, data interpretation, maintenance and the great reliability over time of the FID detector, designed within the PCF and particularly cared for in the phase of construction and testing before its installation.

The system for measuring small variations in the CH4 concentration, in clean environments, consists of:

  • N. 1 Ambient air sampling probe
  • N. 1 Sampling line in PTFE.
  • N. 1 Mod. 529/NR/CH4, configured for the specific measurement of Methane.             

            - Measurement scale 0-3,000 ppb.

            - Sensitivity: 5ppb.

            - Automatic measurement cycle: 120 s .

           - Analog (4-20 mA) and serial (RS232) outputs.

           - 19" rack mounting.

  • N. 1 Set of Pure Gases:

          - N.1 50 l cylinder of chromatographic purity hydrogen (99.999) 

         - N.1 cylinder of synthetic air, 50 lt, certified as free from hydrocarbon concentratio  

          - N.1 Calibration Cylinder, 10 lt, with Methane in Air.

PCF Elettronica was not only chosen for the competitiveness of its prices, but, above all, for its willingness to meet the specific needs of the customer and for the attentive after-sales assistance.