An elettronic nose to alternatively monitor dangerous and save sites ...


It is an automatic and continuous system that alternately measures the atmosphere in a dangerous environment by comparing it with the surrounding clean atmosphere. Small leaks of polluting and dangerous substances are detected instantly.

System mounted on a 19 "rack.


Nr. 1 Zero Air Generator, UPP Mod. 9588.

Nr. 1 Switching and status display module.

Nr. 1 VOC analyzer.

Nr. 1 Hydrogen Generator (can be replaced by pure gas cylinder).

Nr. 1 19 "standard rack with front part equipped with large window and rear door to access the instrumentation.

Nr. 1 terminal block for remote recording and analysis status connections.

The two lines of analysis, one placed at the critical point and the other reference point sucking clean air, guarantee a high sensitivity of analysis based on the differential measurement of concentrations.

The system is intended for those particular applications in which a noxious gas leak can damage the air quality of the work area, an unnecessary loss of expensive substance and on exhausts an immediate signal of loss of mineral oils or other organic substances. .

The system is designed as a 'turnkey' type and requires little maintenance and low running costs. The analysis data can be recorded (for the control authorities) and / or sent to the control room for immediate detection of the anomaly (alarm set).

The analysis is updated every few minutes and the sensitivity is in the order of fractions of ppm (parts per million).