Our Detectors:


PCF studied and developed specific detectors to be employed in its manufactured equipment and be proposed as subsystems to anyone who intends to develop its own equipment.

Our detectors are medium/small and consist of:

  • A mechanical part.
  • A PCB for Powering the physical part and amplifying the basic signal into an engineered one proportional to concentration.

Our  detectors need the ± 15Vdc and the specific combustion/carrier gases. 

FID Detector (Flame Ionization Detector) 

Carbon Counter, the universal detector for Hydrocarbon Compounds

Dimensions:  75 * 55 * 50 mm
Dimensions: 75 * 55 * 50 mm

Main features 

  • The most used detector in GC instruments for the detection of HC.
  • Recognized as a 'universal' detector.
  • Low selective, medium sensitive (ppm fractions).
  • Requires combustion gases (Pure Air and Hydrogen).
  • Very stable over time (provided stable gas flows).

PID Detector (Photo Ionization Detector) 

Dimensions:  75 * 50 * 50 mm
Dimensions: 75 * 50 * 50 mm

Main features

  • Selective detector, especially for unsaturated Carbon Compounds.
  • Very sensitive.
  • Does not require any pure feed gas.
  • Less stable than the FID detector.
  • UV Lamp is a consumer component (0.5 - 1.5 years, continuous operation).

TCD Detector (Thermo Conductivity Detector) 

Medium/ High Concentration Detector, mainly employed in process analysis

Main features

  • It just needs the reference gas.
  • Added to the FID and PID detectors.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Great reliability over time.