Mod. 8807/NR

Portable gas chromatograph, for NMH and/or specific compounds monitoring.

Main features: 

  • Automatic and continuous hot measurement of the Methane fraction, Total VOC and NMH (Non-Methane HC).
  • Available in a bench version and a portable version.
  • Portability guaranteed by strap and handle.
  • The portable field solution, assembled in a sturdy reinforced aluminum case.
  • Conceived as an industrial tool to work spot or for short periods.
  • FID (Flame Ionization Detector) or PID (Photo Ionization Detector), exclusive PCF manufacture.
  • Carrier gas: air.
  • Separation of the methane fraction, by means of a packed column (porapak).
  • Zero air from a foreign cylinder, with the possibility of an internal hydride generator.
  • Hydrogen supply from external cylinder or internal hydride cartridge.
  • Discontinuous loop sampling.
  • Chrome gramma visible in real time on the front touch screen.
  • The separation can be controlled by the monitor and the times can be easily adjusted.
  • Integrated IZS cycle, for the check and / or calibration of ZERO and SPAN.
  • SW user friendly.
  • Maintenance is easy because all parts are easily accessible.