Mod. 2005

Portable instrument for the hot measurement of Total VOC.

Main features:

  • Automatic and continuous measurement of the Total VOC.
  • Portability guaranteed by strap and handle.

  • Assembled in sturdy reinforced Aluminum case.

  • Conceived as an industrial tool to work spot or for short periods.

  • FID  (Flame Ionization Detector) detector, of exclusive PCF manufacture.

  • Internal Zero Air Generator, high temperature catalytic.

  • Hydrogen supply from external cylinder or internal hydride cartridge.

  • Continuous sampling with hot pump.

  • A few seconds of response.

  • Extremely simple and safe FID ignition.

  • Calibration by certified external cylinder.

  • Calibration adjustment with traditional method (ZERO and SPAN potentiometers).

  • Data Acquisition and Storage System with color graphic video.

  • SW user friendly.

  • It requires little maintenance.

  • Maintenance is easy because, once the analysis system has been extracted, all parts are easily accessible.