Our History

PCF Elettronica was founded in 1981 by Giovanni Longaretti as a "system integrator" and "service" business to automatic analysis systems related to industrial processes. From the very beginning, the vision of the founder was clear: provide customized designs according to customer needs that could not be met by standard analysis systems offered by the market.

In 1988 the company begins to enter the air quality monitoring business and realizes and sells the first automatic reactive hydrocarbon analyzer with "FID" flame ionization detector and analysis by gas chromatographic technique.

In the first half of the 1990s, PCF Elettronica intensifies its activity in the field of air quality and starts to gradually focus more and more on pollution control. This will enable the business to enter the market for automatic analysis of industrial emissions.

Starting in 2000, the company produced the first portable analyzer to analyze industrial emissions and monitor compliance with legislative limits on emissions, which is still one of the company's flagship products.

Finally, in the following years, several automatic analyzers were designed and produced for targeted monitoring of pollutants classified as carcinogens by WHO.

Paolo Longaretti & Giovanni Longaretti - CEO and founder of PCF Elettronica