Mod. 529/NR/TCD

The first applications of this analyzer were the measurements of 

Methane (CH4) in Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

and of Carbon Dioxide   (CO2) in Methane (CH4)

installed in fermentation industrial plants to produce gases used in food and beverage.

... / NR stays for New Release. It's the set of instruments developed with modern electronics, which allow easy reconfiguration, data storage and external communication. 

Main features:

  • It automatically and continuously measures contents of Methane (CH4) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).
  • TCD (Thermal Conductivity Detector) detector, of exclusive PCF manufacture.

  • Carrier gas:: various (Nitrogen, Air and Helium).

  • Discrete loop sampling.
  • 180 second cycle (can be modified on request, with the limit of not creating a memory effect).

  • Methane (CH4) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) separation by chromatographic column.

  • Chromatographic column scpecifacally studied (Carbovax 5% M80/120 2m 1/8").

  • Chromatogram visible in real time on the front touch screen.

  • The separation can be controlled on the monitor and times can be easily adjusted.

  • Integrated IZS, for the check and / or calibration of ZERO and SPAN.

  • SW user friendly.

  • It requires little maintenance.

  • Maintenance is easy because all parts are easily accessible.

  • 19" rack mount, 4U.