Info: Systems 

The experience on the instruments transferred into the systems. PCF uses its long experience in the construction of analysis modules to offer the market 'turnkey' solutions for ambient air monitoring (inputs) and for automatic and continuous monitoring of chimneys (emissions).

PCF Elettronica has built various automatic systems for rooms, cabins and Mobile Vehicles. Over time the so-called 'systems integrators' have entered the market, devoted exclusively to this activity and with greater availability of manpower and financial resources. PCF Elettronica has gradually devoted itself to the construction of chromatographic-based instruments, supplying these to system integrators (e.g. NMH analyzers, reactive hydrocarbons, and BTEX, aromatic hydrocarbons). PCF Elettronica continued to propose and install automatic systems for VOC control and chimney controls. In these, in addition to its own chromatographic-based instrumentation, it installs instrumentation purchased from third parties and which meets the needs / specifications of the Customer.