Emissions/Industrial Systems

19" rack mounted and housed in:

  1. One-door cabinet for 1, 2 parameters, can be mounted in outdoor cabinets.
  2. Two-door cabinet for several instruments with accessory parts to be mounted indoor or in an external IP54 ventilated cabinet.

Note : to be installed inside a protected environment.

Main features:

Painted metal cabinet, with two doors, continuously ventilated (Dimensions to fit one or two 19" racks on which the instrumentation and accessory parts are mounted) 

Analyzers mounted on 19 "rack, according to customer request:

  • Sulfur compounds
  • Nitrogen compounds
  • Carbon oxides
  • VOC (NMH and/or BTEX)
  • Others (HCl, HF, ...)


  • Sampling probe, cold or heated.
  • Collection line, cold or heated.
  • Dehumidifier, when required.
  • Multi-line system.
  • Calibration system.
  • Zero Air generator, when required.

Electronic Panel, with controls and main switch.

Remote connection (Central System), when required.

DAS (Data Acquisition System), with PC and application SW, when required.