Emissions/Industrial Systems

19 "rack mounted and housed in:

  • Interior.
  • One-door cabinet for 1, 2 parameters, can be mounted in outdoor cabinets.
  • Two-door cabinet for several instruments with accessory parts to be mounted indoor or in an external IP54 ventilated cabinet.

Main features:

  • Painted metal cabinet, with two doors, continuously ventilated.

· Dimensions to fit one or two 19" racks 

on which the instrumentation and accessory parts are mounted

  • Analyzers mounted on 19 "rack, according to Customer request:

Sulfur compounds

Nitrogen compounds

Carbon oxides

VOC (NMH and / or BTEX)

Others (HCl, HF, ...)

  • Accessories:.

Sampling probe, cold or heated.

Collection line, cold or heated.

Dehumidifier, when required.

Multi-line system.

Calibration system.

Zero Air generator, when required.

  • Electronic Panel, with controls and main switch.

  • Remote connection (Central System), when required.

  • DAS (Data Acquisition System), with PC and application SW, when required.