Automatic cabins (A.A.Q.M.S.)


Main features:

  • Painted metal or fiberglass cabin, thermally insulated and conditioned:

Approximate dimensions: 3.5x2x2.5 m. 

Summer / winter conditioning.

Equipped with weather pole and   

sampling heads for gas and dust..

  • Analyzers mounted on 19 "rack, according to Customer request:

Sulfur compounds, SOx, Stotal

Nitrogen compounds, NOx, NH3

Composti azotati, NOx, NH3

Oxides of Carbon, CO , CO2

Ozone, O3


Other (HCl, HF, ...)

Dust, PM2,5, PM10, Total

Weather parameters.

  • DAS (Data Acquisition System), with PC and application SW.

  • Remote connection (Central System).