Info: Calibrators

For the systems, the most suitable calibrators for the required application are studied from time to time. The Calibrators that we normally use in our SYSTEMS ar

  • Permeation tubes.
  • Gas dilution.
  • Multifunction with dilution via MFM (Mass Flow Meters)
  • Mod. D/P 99, Metrological Calibrator/Diluter.

PCF with CESI (the research offices of ENEL) has studied, developed and produced a particular Calibrator / Diluter to be used in the laboratory and in the field for the certification of analysis instruments. The instrument was conceived, developed and produced for the verification of the technical characteristics of the analyzers predisposed to the monitoring of gaseous emissions and immissions (DMA dated 21/12/1995) in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9169: 2006 (par.6.4) and UNI standards. EN14181: 2.015. It is essentially proposed to instrumentation certification laboratories, consultants and auditors who must certify the instrumentation in the field. The solutions proposed by PCF are in the portable and laboratory version with table or rack mounting.