Multistream VOC analysis systems

Mod. 110E MULTISTREAM monitoring system.

Stationary multipoint L.E.L. and/or VOC monitor.

For continuous process and/or source monitoring.
Meets UNI EN 13526 and UNI EN 12619 directives and specifications.



  • Component items, from top down UUP Mod. 9588 Zero Air Generator Multipoint module Mod. 110E VOC monitor Hydrogen generator
  • Hot FID (Flame Ionization Detector)
  • Discrete sampling loop
  • Response time, 30 sec
  • (Option) Color Video Graphic (5.5”) with three channel DAS (Data Acquisition System). Data storage on flash memory. Data downloading through USB port
  • Full system rack mounted
  • Suitable for continuous L.E.L. and/or stack monitoring in industrial installation
 analizzatore automatico multipunti

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