Mod. 529 CH2O

Mod. 529/CH2O, Formaldehyde GC analyzer.

For ambient and industrial(hygiene) continuous monitoring.

It separates gas chromatographically and specifically measures the Formaldehyde concentration.
It compares with the IR and fluorescence techniques still more selective (IR) and cheaper (fluorescence).



  • Property hot FID atom counter.
  • Gas chromatographic separation of Formaldehyde fraction from the Total Hydrocarbons.
  • Analytical cycle, 300 sec.
  • Formaldehyde LDL, 0.1 ppmV.
  • Continuous Formaldehyde (and eventually THC and THV – CH2O) output and display on color touch screen.
  • Real time chromatogram on display.
  • Data storage on flash memory.
  • Built in auto ignition.
  • Local and remote serial communication through RS 232.
  • Easy to integrate in automatic systems.
  • Rack mounted and portable version.

  Download PDF – 529 CH2O