Mod. C 2011

Double hot FID (Flame Ionization Detector), portable VOC analyzer.

Meets methods and regulations UNI EN 12619:13 and ISO 25140.

It monitors continuously Methane and Total HC at stacks.



  • Proprietary double Hot FID (Flame Ionization Detector)
  • Hot mini sampling pump.
  • Catalytic separation of Methane Fraction, on a separate measuring line
  • In-built zero air supply
  • Fast response time, 0-95% within 3 sec.
  • (Option) In built color Video Graphic (5.5”) with three channel DAS(Data Acquisition System). Data storage on flash memory. Data downloading through USB port
  • Built in a heavy duty aluminum case with leather strap for easy transportation
  • Easy to carry, to use and to maintain
  • Suitable for multipoint economic checks and controls by ambient personnel or auditors.
Analizzatore GC per Formaldeide Mod. 529/CH2O

  Download Data Sheet PDF – C 2011

  Download Operating Manual PDF – C 2011