info: Portable Instruments

The '2000' is currently the most successful series of instruments in our catalog. They were designed, developed and produced exclusively in PCF, they are simple, reliable and versatile.They are successful because they are of industrial design, built in reinforced aluminum containers, employ industrial type components, are easy to use and the data cannot be modified by the operator. For this they are TUV certified (Germany). They also require little maintenance and this can be easily performed by an unskilled operator. Once the analytical module has been extracted, it presents all the parts that can be easily reached without having to disassemble the whole instrument and with the instrumentation supplied to any laboratory. The series includes four models, able to satisfy all needs, from the basic ones for an easy and quick check of the Total VOC to that for specific compounds, separated with chromatographic technique. They are suitable for operators who have to carry out consulting and certification work or for those industries with many points in analysis that do not require continuous measurement.