PCF Elettronica Srl was constituted in 1981 by Giovanni Longaretti, a pioneer in Gas Chromatographic (GC) technique, who cooperated firstly with Carlo Erba then with DANI, two Italian Companies that represent the history of gas chromatography worldwide.

The first activity of PCF was directed to supply maintenance and service to gas chromatographic systems, particularly to the ones dedicated to control the catalyzers efficiency in industrial pants.

The activities of PCF gradually and steadily developed into studying, designing, developing and manufacturing analyzers intended for the environmental and stack controls as well as the monitoring of stack emissions of specific compounds, e.g.

  • Benzene
  • Ethylene Oxides
  • Acetone and Styrene
  • Other specific compounds as from Customers requirements, to control emission as well as to increase process efficiencies

His activities, originally limited to the territory of Italy, gradually extended to worldwide.