PCF Elettronica operates to protect the environment and our selves

Whenever we are protecting the surrounding environment, we are taking care of our health and protecting ourselves (pos. 32 of Italian Constitution).

Everybody must be concerned in protecting the environment, while everybody has the right to live in an healthy surrounding.
The European Convention about people safeguard and the fundamental human liberty, signed in Rome on November 4th 1950, as well as Italian Constitution did not clearly state the human rights to live and operate in an healthy environment.

Just in the Seventies the environment is recognized as a very important value, so much so that nowadays its safeguard may imply the limitations on others rights, e.g the property rights and the enterprise liberty.

As a general property to be preserved and protected, the environment implies direct involvement of the central Governments.
Therefore most of the Governments throughout the world state on the matter basic rules as well as specific limits for most species.
These rules and concentration limits are intended to protect and to govern each part of the surrounding environment: the land, the air and the water.
PCF is entitled and concerned in helping on the above fundamental tasks