Customers – Sationary hot FID monitors

In the recent years we sold and installed more than 200 stationary VOC monitoring units of different types, Mod. 110E, 110H, 526/7/9

Here below some of our main references:

Customer Country Application/Market Sector Quantity
ABC Farmaceutici S.p.a. NO-Trecate- Italy Pharmaceutical Industry 1
ACD Cedal  S.p.A. Strasbourg– France Land  Control 1
ACTEAS.p.A. Teheran -Iran Petrochemical Industry 1
AGIPPetroli S.p.A. MI-Milano- Italy Petrochimica Industry 2
AirProtech Srl MI-Magenta- Italy System Integrator 6
AmministrazioneComunale MI-Corsico – Italy Incinerator 1
AntibioticosS.p.A. TO-Settimo Torinese- Italy Pharmaceutical Ind. 1
CarcanoAntonio S.p.A. LC-Mandello Lario – Italy System Integrator 4
CentroGrafico S.p.A. MI-Marcallo con Casone – Italy Printing 1
CentroRisorse S.p.A. TV- Marcon- Italy Waste Treatment 1
ChimicaPomponesco S.p.A. MN -Pomponesco- Italy Chemical Ind. (Glues) 2
CESIS.p.A. MI- Milano- Italy Research 3
DAGSAS.a.s. TV-Treviso – Italy System Integrator 6
Data-MillSrl MI – Pozzod’Adda- Italy Mondadori Printing 2
EcoltecnicaS.p.A. MI- Milano– Italy Waste Treatment 1
Elantas Deatech S.p.A. AT- Quattordio – Italy PolymerInd. 2
EnichemSpA MI- Milamo- Italy Waste Treatment 3
ESSEXS.p.A. AL- Quattordio- Italy Painting Plant 2
ETSMetalli Preziosi S.p.A. MI-Paderno Dugnano – italy Post Combustion 14
FERStrumenti Srl MI-Seregno – Italy System Integrator 9
FonderieMazzuconi S.p.A. BG-PonteSan Pietro – Italy – Italy Al Melting 1
Hexion  S.p.A. VA-Solbiate Olona – Italy Polymers Industry 1
IdrocleanS.p.A. BG-Casirate – Italy Waste Treatment 2
IntermarineS.p.A. SP-Sarzana – Italy Ship Building 1
IstitutoChimica Un. Milano MI- Milano– Italy Research (University) 2
IVECOS.p.A. BS – Brescia-Italy Truck Industry 2
KronospanS.p.A. Sebes –Rumenia Chemical Industry. 1
LonzaS.p.A (Polynt) BG-Bergamo – Italy Export 8
MagnetiMarelli SpA PV- Pavia- Italy Mechanical Industry 2
MARCONs.n.c. TV- Maser- Italy Waste Treatment 3
MESSER S.p.A. SI-Castenuovo Berardesca – Italy Pure Gases 1
Nuovo IST.It. Arti Grafiche S.p.A. BG-Bergamo- Italy Printing 2
PeugeotS.A. Paris –France Car Manufacturing 1
PolyntS.p.A. BG-Scanzarosciate – Italy Polymer Industry 7
RivoiraSpA TO- Torino- Italy Pure Gases 2
Sadepan Chimica S.p.A. MN-Viadana – Italy Chemical Industry 1
SAIPEMS.p.A. VE- PortoMarghera- Italy Petrochemical Industry 2
S.E.S.A.S.p.A. PD- Estei- Italy Compost Plant 1
S.G.S.S.A. New Delhi– India Auditors
S.I.R.S.A. SP- Madrid Distributor 1
SOLVAYS.p.A. AL-Spinetta Marengo- Italy Chemical Industry 1
S.T. Microelectronics  S.p.A. MI- AgrateBrianza – Italy Electronic Industry 2
Swards Laboratories L.t.d. Dublin – Ireland Mechanical Industry 1