Customers – Mod. 8807 Portable GC Analyzer

Portable VOC monitors proved to be our most successful equipment, particularly on the Italian marke
tMod. 8807 (former  Mod. 9388), portable Gas Chromatograph (GC) .
Here below some of our main references:

Customer Country Application/Market Sector Quantity
Antonio Carcano S.p.A. LC- Mandello Lario – Italy Al Printing 1
A.R.P.A. s  (Different Locations) VA- Varese – Italy Public Authorities 16
CESI S.p.A. MI- Milano –Italy Research Institute 1
Centro Inteco S.r.l. CO- Saronno – Italy Auditor 1
C.R.C. S.r.l. BS- Montichiari – Italy Auditor 1
CPG S.n.c. SV- Savona – Italy Auditor 1
ECODECO S.r.l. CO- Novedrate – Italy Auditor 1
FEA Servizi S.r.l. RA- Solarolo – Italy Auditor 1
GeoserviceS.r.l. BG- Sarnico – Italy Auditor 1
Labor S.r.l. PC- Piacenza – Italy Auditor 1
FIAT S.p.A. TO- Torini – Italy Quality Assurance 1
La.Fu.Met. S.p.A. TO- Orbassano – Italy Waste Management 1
L.A.R.A. Laboratori S.r.l. TO- Nichelino – Italy Auditor 1
Polynt S.p.A. BG- Scanzarosciate – Italy Polymer Industry 1
Metalli Preziosi  S.p.A. MI-Paderno Dugnano – Italy Quality Assurance 1
Michelin S.p.A. TO- Torino – Italy Stack Monitoring 1
Olivetti S.p.A. NO- Ivrea – Italy Stack Monitoring 1
SIAD S.p.A. BG- Osio Sopra – Italy Quality Assurance 1
S.I.R. S.A. ES- Madrid Distributor 5
Water &  Waste S.p.A. BG- Entratico – Italy Pollution Monitoring 1