Customers and applications of AIR / EMISSIONS Systems


For the monitoring of multiple compounds, of specific compounds entering the industrial cycle, of traces of carcinogenic compounds (BTEX), with fixed and transportable installations.

Particularly for the monitoring of

  • Air of residential areas.
  • Air of heavily trafficked areas.
  • Air of industrial areas.
  • Perimeter of industrial installations.
  • Landfields, biomass.


Customers interested in guaranteeing air quality:

  • Systems integrators.
  • Public bodies: State, Disticts (Regions), Municipalities.
  • Large industries: chemical, petrochemical, energy and cement factories.
  • Landfields.
  • Biogas plants.

As previously mentioned, in the 2000s, the so-called System Integrators with ample economic, technical and commercial possibilities entered into the large monitoring systems and networks. therefore PCF has been specializing in small systems and black box type instrumentation.