Mod. 8807/NR- Portable GC

MOD. 8807/NR – Portable Gas Chromatograph

Mod. 8807/NR, fully automatic gas chromatograph.
Proprietary FID, carbon atoms counter.
Gas chromatographic separation by packed column.




  • Property micro hot FID atom counter.
  • Gas chromatographic separation of hydrocarbons according to the recipe.
  • Analytical cycle, according to the recipe
  • Benzene LDL, from 0.1 ppm
  • Continuous hydrocarbon concentration on the display
  • Real time chromatogram on display
  • Recipe storage on flash memory
  • Data storage on flash memory
  • Built in auto ignition
  • Local and remote communication through RS 232
  • Easy to use and to maintain.
  • Transportable by an handle and a leather strap
Mod. 8807 Portable Gas Chromatograph

Solution one: Light version of Mod. 8807/NR

Mod. 8807 Portable Gas Chromatograph

Solution two: Mod. 8807/NR mounted in an easily transportable reinforced alluminum  case

Mod. 8807 Portable Gas Chromatograph

Solution three: Special version of Mod. 8807/NR in an easilyy transportable alluminum case

  Download  Data Sheet PDF -8807/NR

  Download Operating Manual PDF -8807/NR