Mod. 2001/C

Mod. 2001/C, portable hot F.I.D. (Flame Ionization Detector) VOC monitor with manual separation of Methane fraction

Meets the UNI EN 13526 and the UNI EN 12619 directives and specifications.
For continuous source and environment monitoring.


  • Proprietary Hot FID (Flame Ionization Detector)
  • Hot mini sampling pump.
  • Catalytic separation of Methane Fraction (manual)
  • In-built zero air supply
  • Fast response time, 0-95% within 3 sec.
  • (Option) In built color Video Graphic (5.5”) with three channel DAS(Data Acquisition System). Data storage on flash memory. Data downloading through USB port
  • Built in a heavy duty aluminum case with leather strap for easy transportation
  • Easy to carry, to use and to maintain
  • Suitable for multipoint economic checks and controls by ambient personnel or auditors.
Analizzatore portatile 2001 CAnalizzatore 2001 C - vista esterna

  Download  Data Sheet PDF – 2001/C

  Download  Operating Manual PDF – 2001/C