Air generator for FID combustion air

Mod. PCF 9588, UPP air generator. In built catalytic scrubber at high temperature.

Specific UPP Air Generator to supply combustion air to FID

Mod. 9588 is a UPP ultra-pure air generator to supply the correct quality of air to the flame of FID.
The dry, clean and compressed ambient air is filtered and passed through a catalytic scrubber heated to 500°C. All the Hydrocarbons impurities, included the Methane, are oxidised to feed the FID without any background noises, to increase stability and sensitivity of the instrument.



  • In built catalytic scrubber, heated at 500 °C..
  • Full control from front panel.
  • Pressure regulator with gauge of the output pressure.
  • Pure air flow rate: 0 1.000 ml/min.
  • Supplied ambient air pressure: 3,5 Bar (0.35MP).
  • Alimentazione: 220 Vac 50 HZ (or 110 Vac 60 Hz)
  • Alimentazione: 220 Vac 50 HZ (or 110 Vac 60 Hz)
Generatore di aria di combustione del FID


  Scarica brochure e scheda tecnica in PDF – Model 9588