Oil in water detection

Use of FID/PID based instruments to detect Hydrocarbons (oils) traces dissolved and/or suspended in water.

Rilevamento di olio in acqua

19” Rack for automatic and continuous monitoring of Hydrocarbons.

The organic compounds (oils) traces are stripped out of the water in which they dissolved or suspended, by a continuous of compressed air.
Then the air is passed through a HC monitor that measures and displays the carbon content of the sample.
In such a way we convert the measurement of oil from a liquid phase into a gas phase.
The latter is much simpler and more sensitive.

0-5//50/500 mg/m3 (others available on request), they correspond to about: 0-1/10/100 mg/l of oils in water.

Continuous analogue outputs:
0-1 Vdc, 4-20 mA (available on the back of the rack).

Digital outputs:
Alarm contacts ans serial USB (available on the back of the rack).

Power supply:
220 Vac 50 Hz or 110 Vac 60 Hz (specify in order).

stripping device (studied according to the application) plus 19”rack carrying:
– Electrical panel,
– Mod. 110E VOC FID monitor,
– Rack mounted H2 generator,
– UPP pure air generator.

1) conversion of measurement from water phase into gas phase.
2) possibility to automatically switch from oil measurement to ambient air measurement.
3) possibility to measure different streams.

Suitable for:
1) water discharge control,,
2) water intake control (for power stations),
3) drinking water intake control, ecc.