Aromatic Hydrocarbon monitoring at emissions or in ambient air

The use of FID/PID analysers to monitor Aromatic Hydrocarbons at emissions or for ambient air in polluted area.

Strumento fisso di base da cui è stato derivato il Mod. 529/NR, Idrocarburi Aromatici (BTX)

Basic stand alone instrument, used as Mod. 529/NR, Aromatic Hydrocarbons (BTX)

Strumento portatile Mod. 8807 su ci si può integrare l’analisi degli Idrocarburi Aromatici (BTX)

Portable gas chromatograph Mod. 8807 in which the analysis of Aromatic Hydrocarbons may be integrated (BTX)

GC separation by packed column followed by FID/PID detection.

0-5/10/20/50/100 mg/m3 (other available on request).
with PID detector the ranges may be10 times lower: 0-0.5/1/2/5/10 mg/m3

Measuring cycle:
6-12 minutes, according to the detected species.

Analogue Outputs:
Continuous, 0-1 Vdc, 4-20 mA (available on the back of the instrument).

Digital Outputs:
Alarm contacts and serial output on USB (available on the back of the instrument).

Power supply:
220 Vac 50 Hz (110 Vac 60 Hz – specify in order).

Sampling system from stack or ambient air
– Mod. 529/NR, Aromatic Hydrocarbons,
– DAS, Data Acquisition System,
– Hydrogen generator,
– UPP pure air generator.

1) specific measurement of aromatics, particularly of Benzene.
2) it is possible to have integrate also the measurement of TVOC (THC).

Suitable for:
1) Stack monitoring.
2) Monitoring of polluted indutrial environment.
3) Fence monitoring where the Benzene is used, etc.

Laboratory tests on repeatability of Aromatic HC separation

Prove di laboratorio di ripetibilità nella separazione HC aromatici

– Measuring range: 0 -100 mg/m3
– Cycle time: 330 s (165 s analysis 165 s back flush)
– Measured HC Benzene: 19,61 mg/m3, Toluene: 20,26 mg/m3, o-Xylene: 20,03 mg/m3