Customers – NMH (Non Methane HC) analyzer

NMH analyzer proved to be one of our most successful analyzer firstly in its original version as Mod. 526, then as Mod. 527 and presently as Mod. 529 we sold and installed hundreds of units on the Italian market and abroad.

Here below some of our main references:

Customer Country Application/Market Sector Quantity
A.A.T. Srl VE- Porto Marghera – Italy System Integrator 7
Province Administrations (Different Locations) xxxx- Italy Public Authorities 38
Barricalla S.p.A. TO- Torino – Italy Waste Field Control 2
BMET P.R.C.-Beijing Distributor 3
CCR Euratom VA- Ispra – Italy Research Center 2
Environmental Consulting SpA BG- Scanzarosciate- Italy Mobile Laboratory 1
DASIBI Italy Srl MI- Milano – Italy System  Integrator 18
ECM Slovakia Distributor 2
Enea RM- Roma – Italy System  Integrator 12
ENEL SpA MI – Milano- Italy Power Plant Control 5
ENEL SpA NA- Napoli – Italy Power Plant Control 2
EnichemSpA RA – Ravenna- Italy Petrochemical Industry 1
Italtel Telesis S.p.A. MI- Milano – Italy System Integrator 5
JCTM Brasil System Integrator 1
Lonza SpA (now Polynt) BG- Scanzarosciate – Italy Chemical Industry 8
Orion Srl PD- Padova- Italy System  Integrator 5
Rancon Instruments SpA MI- Milano – Italy System  Integrator 67 mostly exported
LE&DER Taipei Taiwan ROC R.O.C-Taipei Distributor 8
Liguria Regione GE-Genova – Italy Public Authority 3
Service T.L. MI- MIlano – Italy Distributor 9
S.I.R. S.A. (Spain) ES-Madrid Distributor 15
SK Ecologia CH-Santiago (Chile) Distributor 1
So.Pra. SpA MI- Milano – Italy Distributor 4